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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spiral Piece

Finished a spiral-face piece. It's really cool, at least I think so. People have seemed to like it a lot. It is incorporating some more of the connected-face motif I've been doing for a while now. I am currently in the process of photographing it. It is a little difficult which is why it is taking me so long to do. Be patient, and keep checking back. 

Thanks again!



In the meanwhile, you can check out some of the links on the left, if you haven't already, which are archived creative works I've done over the past year or so. Or you can check out "Aorta VI's" flickr. "Aorta VI" is an artist collective that I'm in - it basically has a bunch of art that I collaborated on. Be careful, there may be some adult content. Also, we're just getting started, so some of the art work is a little rough. Enjoy!

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