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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Multiface 2 | By Los Angeles Artist, Los Angeles Animator Sam Graham

The latest flash animation from Los Angeles artist, animator, photographer Sam Graham entitled "Multiface 2."

The further evolution of the multiface. I used the "Rugrats" zoom out effect again, which I love. I did the soundtrack myself using Apple's garageband. I did the voices for the character, and I got the weird fluttery beepy sound off of my 80's casio putting it through a variety of weird effects on garageband. I drew and animated the whole thing in Adobe's flash. I have just recently learned flash, so I think I have made pretty decent progress. As I stated in my last video description, I came from a 2D still image background, so animation is a new step for me. I studied visual art at Cal Arts, or California Institute of the Arts, which is located in Valencia, CA. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my newest "moving drawing."

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Sam Graham is a los angeles animator, photographer, artist, writer, and musician

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