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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Multiface | By Los Angeles Artist, Los Angeles Animator Sam Graham

The latest flash animation from Los Angeles artist, photographer, animator Sam Graham entitled "Multiface."

Watch as I use the "rugrats effect" of zooming outward from an extreme closeup of an unrecognizable object that you eventually discover what it is. My flash animation, I have just recently learned how to flash animate, so please judge my work by that standard. I did the soundtrack as well using my (I love it!) vintage casio keyboard that I got for $20 at the Salvation Army.

I envision this video as being sort of like a moving drawing. I started doing 2D art, and have since ventured into this "time-based continuum" branch of creative expression. I do drawings like this all the time, especially, as of late, this kind of person with many heads that are morphed together, aka, "multiface." So, I thought it would be interesting to animate it, people have been telling me they'd like to see my work animated for a while now, but I stubbornly resisted until recently.

This animation was created on an apple imac, one of the great inventions from Steve Jobs. You should check out this video on an iphone where it looks really cool. Check this space for more animations from Los Angeles animator/photographer. Don't forget, say "hey."

Don't forget to say, "hey!"


Sam Graham is a los angeles animator, photographer, artist, writer, and musician

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