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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Impromptu Photoshoot!

I took this photo during an impromptu shindig at my house last wednesday night. I decided it would be fun to do a portrait of my friend Nick. I set up the lights using techniques I acquired during the Paso Robles Workshops with David Hobby (Strobist) and Syl Arena (Pixsylated). 

The photo is of my friend Nick Arciaga, another Los Angeles artist. He studies visual art at Art Center, a private art college in Pasadena, CA. According to Wikipedia:

Art Center is particularly known for its Transportation Design (automobile) and Product Design programs. It also has notable photography, graphic design, advertising design, illustration, fine art, film, environmental design and entertainment design programs. 

Nick went to Mira Costa High School with me in Manhattan Beach, CA.

This photo was shot on a Canon 40D using two flashes, one with a red, and another with a green-colored roscolux gel on each of them. The flashes were set off wirelessly using pocket wizards and held up by Manfrotto stands.  

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Sam Graham is a los angeles photographer, artist, animator, writer, and musician


  1. Great shot--terrific to see the gell work. Posted from net cafe in Cordoba, Spain.
    Parents say hola and ole!

  2. Great gell work--love the red and green.
    Posted from mom and dad from net cafe in Cordoba, Spain.

  3. thanks fellers! Hope you're enjoying your trip!