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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

500 views for "I Shagged an Alien"

My flash animation "I Shagged An Alien" is up to almost 500 views on Youtube -partially thanks to me posting it on  -I got almost a hundred hits so far from my post there! Now I'm one step closer towards getting a better internet presence -also hopefully soon a presence in some Los Angeles art galleries or Los Angeles animation festivals. Thanks Braun for the suggestion to post on that forum! Braun studied art with me at Cal Arts. (It is ironic that while I was matriculated, I never took an animation class in the Cal Arts animation program which is world renowned.)

I know my animation may not be up to par with a lot of the animation that they have on, in part because I self-taught myself animation only about two months ago. In response to my post on the animation forum, "Ferx" said, 

"Not bad, like the idea. Think you need to work on character animation, to put the life note to your characters, but this animation is a good start  Keep it up."  

Thanks for your feedback, Ferx!

I am so happy that I have been able to get so much great response, especially on Youtube! "I Shagged an Alien" has almost 20 comments as of now, and I have almost 50 subscribers, so my animation can't be all that bad.

Anyhoo, if you like my art, tell your friends! Thanks again for stopping by and reading my blog!

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