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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"The Incredible Origin of Thoughts" Clip#3 | "JW" Animated Series

"The Incredible Origin of Thoughts" JW animated series, Clip #3

A funny suspenseful animation about a man who is literally LOSING HIS MIND! JW is a comedy adventure animated cartoon series whose home is on youtube exclusively since 2009. Created by Sam Graham, Cal Arts graduate and indie youtube animation creator. This cartoon features a dragon blowing fire and carrying JW on a cross country trip!

Watch "The Incredible Origin of Thoughts" Clip #1

Watch "The Incredible Origin of Thoughts" clip# 2

With art by Heather Anacker including cool dragon cartoon drawings!
I will try to do more dragon animations in the future. They seem to be popular in the youtube sphere. Dragonball z anybody? I personally like dragonball better, the comic, that is. But I still want to watch the entire anime of dragonball. I got a little way thru dragonball z it was pretty cool too, i have to say. This cartoon is much different though, ha ha. Read on and see....

If you've ever heard the phrase, "I think therefore I am," you'll be excited because this cartoon blows that concept out of the stratosphere! What if somehow our thoughts that WE IDENTIFIED WITH magically came from somewhere else? In this animation our character finds out his mind comes from a radio signal and wonders WHO IS HE as a result.

I've always liked the idea that if our thoughts are came from somewhere else, than who are we? Just "radio receivers" of someone else's thought broadcast? If so, where did THEIR thoughts come from? Etc etc. What is the origin of my personality? Does it go back to some kind of "god-head?" Where does "he" come from? I like philosophy when it's not too HEADY and OVER-THOUGHT-OUT (which I hope this isn't.)

With this series, I try to illustrate some of these cool ideas in a funny and comedic way. I hope that it is entertaining BUT also thought-provoking. Because I think we live in a strange world, and sometimes the best way to react to it is just to laugh. So you may encounter both of these things in my JW series if I am doing my job right...

I'm Sam Graham. Welcome to my strange world.

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